To Hear From God, Slow Down

Last week, we shared 5 time management tips and how acknowledging God gets you tuned in to where your priorities lie. Having a productive, satisfying life is an inside job.

Our society today is so into microwaving that we have forgotten that God is into marinating. He wants to get inside of us, not just get us cooking.

We move and think at breakneck speed. Digital clocks, dinner in less than 30 minutes, sound bites for important world issues. It’s no wonder we forget to stop and breathe during the day.

A dear friend has a wonderful way of stopping. When she is driving and comes to a stop sign, she actually stops (really… I know…hard to believe), and she counts to three. She takes a deep breath, thank God, asks for protection wherever she needs to go, and can then concentrate on the here and now.

She has also learned the art of prioritizing. (I know why she is a great friend of mine).

We can get so caught in the web of our world that we forget our own priorities. It is God that has given us our daily tasks, and just because we can do “X” doesn’t mean he called us to do “X.”

How do we know the difference?
We need to listen.

How do we hear?
We need to spend time getting quiet, listening to or hearts, listening to His words.

Taking the time to breathe at the shore, in the meadows, or even on a soccer field. Then we will know what he has called us to do.

I love it when I get an idea that I have absolutely no idea why I thought of it. I chuckle, knowing that it wasn’t my thought. Many of those thoughts center on calling someone or praying for my neighbor; however, the list is never endless. It’s only one or two meaningful tasks. But I know I didn’t have them on my to-do list.

That’s our priority, To listen to the small still voice.

What if today’s action really counts tomorrow?

Remember, we are all given the same amount of time in a day. What and how we honor that which has been so freely given can prosper us.

May your time be filled with activities that bring you immense joy and purpose. May you do what you love and love what you do with time enough to spare.

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