Exposing The Roots of Clutter In Your Home

“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness”.
-Colossians 2:7

Symbolically speaking, when our roots are grown into Jesus, our lives reflect simplicity and order. Conversely, when our roots are grown into the world’s systems we see a different picture in our lives. This blog illuminates the roots of disorganization and their symbolic meaning within our homes.

There are literally thousands of wonderful organizing how-to books on the market, and finding one that speaks to your personality is not so very hard to do. What is hard to find is any information that will get to the root issues of why the clutter is there in the first place. Why do we have our piles in certain locations and what do those piles say about ourselves. In symbolic terms, each part of the house carries special significance, and where clutter resides may reflect a symbolic spiritual component of your life. Lets begin by dividing up the home into rooms and let me take you on a journey to expose your roots of clutter.

Clutter in the Kitchen

We have all heard the saying “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” More than cooking central and a place of nourishment, the kitchen is where we sort through our feelings, interpersonal conflicts and get clear on priorities. When the kitchen is cramped with clutter it makes it hard to nourish anyone, on either the physical and spiritual level. De-cluttering your kitchen opens up space for you to receive the support and comfort that you need in life. When the kitchen fosters that kind of support, not only can life decisions be made with clarity and confidence, but also there is a marked increase in nourishment, both in terms of nutrition and relationships.

Clutter in the Bathroom

Never underestimate your health and the bathroom. The bathroom contains past health reminders, from ace bandages to expired medications. Your bathroom can and should become a room filled with refreshment and renewal. A cluttered bathroom makes it impossible to find the peace and quiet as we start each day. Clearing the clutter from your bathroom will not only open you to those great ah-haa moments in the shower, but will start your mornings with renewed energy and vitality.

Clutter in the Basement

Many people have a “just-in-case” storage facility. Our basements have numerous and varied activities associated within the space. This area is where we store things we have not yet made sense of but, might need some day. Our basement, or the foundation of our lives, becomes jumbled and confusing when there are piles and cartons representing old pursuits (college books and manuscripts) and past dreams. When there is so much of the past in our foundation, our future purpose can be put on hold. Before you put something else in the basement or the other storage areas of the home, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Do I need it now?
  3. Can I see someone in my family loving or needing it in the next year?
  4. What’s the worst thing that could happen if I didn’t have it?

De-cluttering the basement frees you to let go of useless items and at the same time, allows you the choice of future possibilities…how about that hobby or start-up company you’ve been putting off?

Clutter in the Bedroom

The alpha and omega…the bedroom is the first and the last place in our daily life. How we begin our day depends on how well rested we are, and our rest depends on the environment of the bedroom. The bedroom reflects areas in our lives that are particularly private. When the bedroom is cluttered with activities not associated with rest, like the desk pilled high with paper, or the television show that you watched depicting violence and anger, then these items and activities are pushing out issues affecting intimacy.

Clutter in the Hallways

Like the veins in your body, the hallways represent the arteries of your home.How well you move from room to room depends on the traffic tie-up in the halls. Do you store pieces of furniture there that you have to maneuver to get around? Are the kids’ toys spilling over into the hallways? Is an accident just waiting to happen there? We all know what happens if our arteries are clogged on the way to the heart. The same thing happens when hallways are jammed with clutter. Frustration abounds and eventually, your health is going to suffer.

Clutter in the Family Room

Whether you are watching TV with your family, engaging in games or, conversing with friends, the time spent within these rooms can produce lasting memories, especially during holidays and celebrations. Clutter can turn these social spaces into dens of isolation, especially if the clutter prevents you from inviting people into your home.

Clutter in the Home Office

Last, but certainly not least is the home office. Desk clutter can prove to be physically and mentally overwhelming. Not only is it bill-paying central, but also the desk represents mission control for your life. Does your paper control you or do you control your paper? If clutter reigns in your office, fresh and inventive ideas are pushed aside. When your office area is streamlined to reflect your goals and priorities, letting go of the excess becomes clear.

Seeing your clutter piles in certain locations may now expose a root issue in your life. God wants you to turn your entire life to Him, not just a few of the symbolic rooms.

Do you agree that certain rooms tend to clutter more than others?

If so, which rooms in your home do you find it the most difficult to keep clutter free?

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