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Eileen Koff

Speaker and author Eileen Koff

Eileen Koff is a motivational Christian speaker for women's retreats and conferences. She is passionate about bringing God’s Word into Christians’ lives so true transformation can occur in their homes and their relationships.

As a Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO®), author and speaker Eileen Koff has worked firsthand with Christians as they struggle to get their stuff (and by extension, their lives) organized. And along with her clients, Eileen desires a stronger, more fulfilled relationship with Christ. That’s why she devised a program to bring Him into the world of organizing.

With nearly two decades of experience in professional organizing, Eileen’s Christian-centered approach is radically unique. As the author of O"Get Organized God's Way: Bring God into Every Area of Your Life", her concepts, drawn from experience and the scriptures, illuminate new ideas and strategies for solving organizational dilemmas.

Eileen teaches how clutter not only robs happiness from our homes, but how the chaos undermines the relationships with family and friends as well as God. In her presentations, she stirs audiences to immediate action, motivating listeners to put an end to years of frustration and clutter build-up. With an engaging, interactive style, she packs her presentations with how-to's, humor and inspiration.

Audiences leave with a renewed sense of purpose and priorities, and are equipped with the tools and understanding they need to organize what really matters.

When I started your class, I felt the Lord say to me that my project was to open the 4 boxes I sent myself from Spain 5 years ago!! Well, I finally did it, I opened the boxes and realized most of the contents were..."rubbish." I have found a home for most of my treasured items, and have gone through my bookcase and drawers. I finally got rid of what I don't need or want or I no longer have a use for and I've made room for the treasures in my life. I also spoke to my ex-husband and told him I no longer could hold his things. This resulted in a miraculous conversation that has answered many prayers. He gave me permission to go through his things but I told him that as the "owner" of his belongings it was his job to do so. He agreed, and in the process of clearing out his items, I rediscovered a pair of boots I had loved but lost so many years ago.

Alicia Morera-Tirado

Your presentation made me aware that clutter blocks our blessings. Initially, the more we decrease our belongings, the more we increase our peace. Ultimately, the more we remove clutter, the more we hear God’s voice. It is all about relationships. As I look around at all my possessions, there are things that I have not used in some time and now I have learned to give them away to bless someone else. This has restored my heart in a fresh way and has drawn my relationship closer to God. He said that we would have a new heart and spirit as we become a new creation. It’s not talking about Jesus, it’s about reflecting Him. This class has contributed to my own deeper walk with the Lord and has been an absolute blessing…

Katherine Hanson

Speaking Topics For Church Related Events

Depending on the needs of your women's group, Eileen can present one of the following topics, or create a new one to suit your needs. Though generally geared towards and designed for women, any topic can be customized for a specific audience.

Like Paper, Like Manna:

Paper Organizing For The Busy Christian Woman

Paper has become our #1 organizational nightmare. The thought of throwing out information can cause more anxiety in our lives than any other material in our lives. Whether in our homes or offices, piles of paper can feel like strongholds. Like manna that spoiled if it was hoarded, we hoard paper information because we think to ourselves, "I may need this someday." In this popular, interactive workshop, Eileen uncovers the truths about paper hoarding. When you hear how she reveals His Word on hoarding, you’ll never look at a piece of paper the same way. Eileen will reveal:

  • Fears and indecisions related to paper hoarding, and how they clog our ability to function
  • The deep sentimental attachments paper represents, and why these attachments form
  • Proven strategies to help you let go of paper piles and experience the freedom you desire
Organizing With The Sword:

Detecting, Diagnosing and Dealing with Spiritual Environments

Have you ever walked into a room in your home and immediately felt peaceful? Or, have you walked into a room and discover it difficult to concentrate or even remain in the space? Just knowing the why’s and how’s of organizing may not provide the answers regarding the feelings you perceive as you organize a space. Understanding God’s heart and becoming sensitive to the atmosphere in your home will help you make Godly decisions with regard to your possessions.  Is it possible that certain objects will have you pondering what to do? 
In this workshop, you will discover:

  • How to turn down the clutter “noise” to hear God’s still small voice
  • How to identify the spiritual dynamics of your home
  • How to pay attention to distressful feelings and what to do about them
  • Simple and proven procedures that will lift oppressive atmospheres
Organize…His Way:

A Christ Centered Approach To Getting and Staying Organized

A 6–week bible study taught by Eileen or someone in your church

When you walk into a room in your home or office and look around, have you ever thought…

I feel buried under all this stuff! I'm suffocating in this room! I'm paralyzed just thinking about sorting through this mess!

Clutter steals the life from a room. More importantly, the chaos that comes from clutter steals and undermines your relationships. If you’re seeking to restore peace and harmony to your home (and your life!), then this course is for you! In "Get Organized God's Way - Bring God's Order into Every Area of Your Life", Certified Professional Organizer Eileen Koff provides a detailed analysis of what God says about order and how to live a life free of stuff.

Eileen has helped hundreds of people draw closer to God by helping them understand how to access order and balance in their everyday lives. The course, based on her book "Get Organized God's Way", will teach you how to shed unnecessary belongings and misplaced priorities and make room for the abundance of blessings only God can provide. Look for the Leader's Guides for your next group Bible Study or Christian Book Club.

Fall in Love:

With Your Closet Again

Do you look at your closet and feel overwhelmed? Are your clothes collecting dust year after year? Our closets say more about us than any other space in our home. During this workshop, Eileen shares her top strategies and techniques that will move you from the dark and crowded space that was once your closet to a closet you love. In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to control your clothes instead of letting them control you
  • What your clothes say about your emotional and spiritual beliefs
  • How to take inventory and plan for the future
  • Proven hints and tips to organize “your” RIGHT way
  • How to feel great every time you look in your closet
Your Purse:

Your Home

Did you know that the contents of your purse can tell you about the state of order—or disorder—in your home? In this fun and interactive workshop, Eileen offers her words of wisdom on not only how to organize your purse, but also how to bring these skills into other areas of your home. 
In this popular workshop, Eileen discusses:

  • The ONE thing in your purse that could be weighing you down physically AND emotionally
  • What you keep in your purse that can represent unmet expectations and misplaced priorities
  • How the contents of your purse translate into trust issues

Can't Have Anyone Over! Syndrome

Clutter does more than keep us from enjoying our lives and spending time with the people who matter most – it isolates us from God. The millions of people who are living with clutter rarely realize its negative impact on their relationships. If you can’t let go of “stuff,” you may be esteeming clutter higher than God, failing to experience the fellowship and freedom you deserve. Are you ready to set your mind, home and life free from clutter? In her life-changing workshop, Eileen will teach you:

  • The “secret” ways clutter exists
  • How to “de-clutter”, according to your unique personality
  • Top 10 tips to help you remain clutter free
The Butterfly Connection:

Transforming Your Cocoon of Clutter to Calm

Let’s face it – change is hard! If organizing our homes was as easy as reading a few quick tips in a book, our houses would look like they belong in a magazine.

Similarly, when a caterpillar is shut inside its cocoon, sprouting wings seems like an insurmountable task – even though a radical metamorphosis is taking place that will allow the butterfly to fly. It is during this struggle that the butterfly becomes strong. Though organization can feel like a struggle, Eileen will outline a process of freeing our lives from our cocoon of clutter to experience true freedom. In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to break the cycle of wrong thinking
  • The 6-step process for lasting change
  • The essential step to ridding clutter and keeping it away

Clear Your Clutter for Christ

If you're frustrated, angered, saddened, stressed, or just plain tired of not knowing where anything is or where anything goes, and you would like to learn why you can’t seem to make the clutter disappear…read on. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why people often struggle to let go of sentimental objects
  • How to re-define your relationship with your stuff
  • How “tactile sympathy” causes one to keep piles of paper
  • How to look not at the quantity of your stuff, but also the quality of your relationships
  • Once and for all, to understand and deal with the clutter that robs, steals and destroys your quality of life

Booking an Engagement

If you are interested in inviting Eileen to speak to your group, please contact her today. Remember to describe the nature of your event and the possible dates, and be sure to include contact information.