Virtual Home Organizer for the Christian Woman
Want to Get Organized? Don't Know Where To Start? . . . Declutter, Organize and Simply Your Life

I work with Christian women who are ready to simplify their homes and their lives.

But when it comes to clutter, you don’t know where to start so you freeze. And when you finally get a space cleared out, it comes right back.

Just thinking about getting a space organized gives your anxiety.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

During our Virtual Organizing Sessions we go through the Bible Study and Declutter Workbook, Organize God’s Way…A Christ-Centered Approach To Organizing your Life.

Along with scriptures, devotions and hands-on decluttering of your spaces you get the methods, mindset and tools to remove the physical and mental clutter…and keep it from coming back.


Does this sound like you?

  • Feel overwhelmed by a messy house, causing anxiety and embarrassment?
  • Find yourself more easily angered or upset because of clutter?
  • Freeze when you try to tackle clutter, unsure of what to do?
  • Cry, feel guilty or regretful about your mothering, like you're failing your kids by not providing a welcoming, open home?
  • Clutter negatively impact your mental state?
  • Struggle to get rid of clutter only to have it reappear?
  • Too embarrassed to invite people over due to a cluttered home?
  • Work long hours to avoid dealing with clutter, leaving you too tired to face it at home?
  • Dread opening closets, finding no empty space and constantly rearranging items?
  • Constantly running late, missing appointments, or feeling like there's never enough time in the day?

Well, it doesn't have to be that way!

Imagine if you didn't dread getting organized - if you were able to have company over and entertain without spending hours putting things away.  And imagine how peaceful you’ll feel when you can curl up in your favorite chair and enjoy that cup of coffee or spend quality time with your family in a bright, clean, organized home - free of clutter.

What if the next time you decluttered it was actually a pleasant experience - one where you had a gentle, guiding hand that helped you experience the breakthrough from what's kept you stuck in cycle of clutter and opened up a new way to simplify your life and enjoy your home.

Speaker and author Eileen Koff

It's Time to Organize...God's Way!

You’re a Christian woman who has a heart after God. You want your home and life to be a blessing to others. If you’re not living an organized life it’s ultimately affecting your intimacy with God, your peace of mind and your relationships. That's when your life needs an organizing makeover.

Organize His Way Virtual Organizing works with you one-on-one to decluttering and organize your life. In each session we use a Christ-Centered approach to organizing.

Using biblical principles you work with a Certified Professional Organizer who is there to instruct, educate and hold your hands as we guide you on your organizing journey. By the end of your sessions, you’ll discover everything you need to know to declutter your home and life...and keep it that way.

I want you to imagine your life after you're organized...

  • Living in a clutter-free home, feeling a renewed sense of peace and joy as you invite God's presence into every corner
  • Experiencing the freedom of an organized space, allowing your relationships with your family and friends to flourish
  • Feeling connected to God's plan for your life as you create and maintain a harmonious home that nurtures your faith
  • The joy of inviting loved ones into your home with pride and confidence, knowing that your space reflects the light of Christ
  • Conquering clutter with grace and determination, leaning on God's strength to guide you in your journey to an organized life
  • The relief of letting go of guilt and regret, as you step into a Christ-centered approach to organizing and motherhood
  • Reclaiming your time and energy for what truly matters: deepening your connection with God and your loved ones
  • Your home as a sanctuary where your children can grow and thrive, with an organized environment that supports their spiritual development
  • The serenity of an orderly home, allowing you to nurture your faith and focus on the things that truly matter
  • The empowerment that comes from mastering Christ-centered organizing techniques, transforming your life and home with divine guidance.
Dressing table with jewelry organizer

Here's What You Get:

After purchasing, you'll receive a free copy our Bible Study/Workbook Organize His Way - A Christ-Centered Approach To Organizing Your Life which we will refer during the coming weeks.

Here's How The Sessions Flow:

  • The first session, we will tour your home or office using your video/webcam so we can create a game plan for where to start and what we can accomplish based on the number of sessions you sign up for
  • Weekly 1-hour virtual organizing sessions giving us enough time to declutter and be productive while not overwhelming you mentally and physically
  • Step-by-step expertise from a Certified Professional Organizer (that's me) so you have guidance and help with decision making
  • Product recommendations that fit your lifestyle, décor and needs so you don't waste time and money buying products you won't use
  • Email support in between sessions to help you stay accountable so you continue to make progress toward your goal of an organized life
  • And last but not least, we begin each session in prayer, knowing God will reveal to both of us wisdom to work through and declutter the areas that have you stuck

Organize His Way Virtual Organizing Sessions are a one of a kind experience. Nothing like it exists. Decluttering and organizing will feel natural and easy for Christians like you, making your learning experience transformative and productive.

You truly can’t learn these strategies, tips and tools anywhere else because the inspiration and revelations to bring Christ into the world of organizing is something that unfolded over 20 years of working as a Certified Professional Organizer with clients in varying stages of clutter and disorganization.

With inspiration from God, I’ve turned traditional organizing on its head - and created an easy to follow process that turns living an organized life into a total blessing.

When you learn the Christ-centered approach to organizing your life thanks to what you’ll learn during our Virtual Organizing sessions, you’ll not only make MORE headway in clearing the clutter, you’ll see a bigger difference in your relationships AND your own relationship with God.

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If you’re been desperately seeking someone to teach you the missing link or secret formula to make living an organized life work - how to declutter, organize so you can spend more time doing what you love - sign up for Virtual Organizing sessions today.

What makes Organize His Way Virtual Organizing Sessions unlike any other investment you will make is my commitment to YOUR results. Each week you have the opportunity to get feedback from me personally, tailoring the sessions to the areas you’re stuck.

Clients tell me over and over that the prayers, hand holding and practical solutions that you support you week to week are what makes this a great experience that changes their lives.

You will receive…

  • A FREE Bible Study/Workbook Organize His Way - A Christ-Centered Approach To Organizing Your Life
  • A FREE discovery phone call to make sure this process is a good fit for you, so you don’t waste time and money on a process that’s not going to work for you
  • Weekly 1-hour virtual organizing sessions giving us enough time to be declutter and be productive while not overwhelming you mentally and physically
  • Step-by-step expertise from a Certified Professional Organizer so you have guidance and don't feel overwhelmed
  • Product recommendations that fit your lifestyle, décor and needs so you don't waste time and money on storage that doesn't work for you.
  • Email support in between sessions that keep you accountable so you continue to make progress toward your functional, inspiring, and calm living space.

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What To Expect When Working With Eileen

  • Our  sessions last an hour and we meet once a week and yes, there are requirements I need from you.
  • An initial consultation via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom to discuss your organizing challenges and goals.
  • We will tour your home or office online video/webcam to discuss and see first hand your challenges
  • A customized step-by-step plan of action to organize your space after each session and the goals to accomplish during the week.

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What Clients Say About Working With Eileen

"I have never met Eileen, but she is a woman who has had such a profound effect on my family, and our quality time together. In just four 'virtual' sessions, we have attacked the kitchen, uncovering a kitchen table that hadn't been seen in months. It has brought my family together for meals, conversation and precious time we had let slip by."

As I am learning why it is important to be organized, I have grown closer to my God and my family!   I now understand what true treasures are and the importance of storing up treasures in heaven!  That has truly helped me define the priorities in my life.  I wanted to know God’s daily purpose for me, and I couldn’t do that with all the “stuff” and distractions that were in and around me.

Since this revelation, I started making the necessary changes I needed to make: in my thinking and how I spent my time and energy.  I started to make the changes in my home, by taking baby steps, I managed to donate tons of things I no longer needed or wanted, to someone who did.  This is still work in progress.


Are you ready to get organized?

Eileen virtually walks you through the entire process of decluttering, purging, and creating organizational systems in order to achieve peace in your life.