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Let's Work Together

Feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your life?

Eileen Koff Ministries offers virtual organizing services tailored for Christian women. We guide you in creating serene, orderly, and welcoming spaces free of clutter and filled with God’s peace.


Have you thought about the impact clutter is having on you?

  • Are you struggling to find peace and purpose in a home overwhelmed by clutter?
  • Do you find that you're spending quiet time with God in spaces that feel chaotic?
  • Does disorganization in your home cause you constant stress and anxiety, affecting your daily productivity and peace?
  • Are you losing precious time dealing with mess instead of focusing on deepening your relationships, self-care, or using your God-given talents?

You deserve to reclaim your time from the chaos of clutter.

It's time to get organized and maintain it!

Have you spent so much time declutter and organizing only to have it come back that it makes you want to give up? 

Do you feel like you're in an endless cycle of decluttering and organizing?

Are you wondering why this area has such a stronghold in your life? 

Now is the time to get organized... for you. For your peace. Find the courage to try again. This time invite God into the process and let him empower you to say no to the things that are robbing you of your peace and livng out your God-given purpose. 



Christian woman relaxing with coffee and Bible, smiling in her organized home

I've Witnessed Firsthand How Clutter Affects Your Relationship With God

As a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) for over 20 years, it was the thrill of working with Christians who were open to inviting God in to the clutter that we saw the greatest transformations - inside and out! 


The knowledge and experience I received from certification from (NAPO) National Association of Professional Organizers gave me the skill and knowledge.  But it was a desire to help a group of women asking for help with clutter that sparked an idea to read the bible from an organizer’s perspective.   The light bulb went off! 


As God would have it, I became Devotions and Prayer Director for Faithful Organizers (an online community of Christian organizers) and began to write on biblical principals in organizing. After the prodding of my fellow organizers to write a devotional book, Organize God's Way was born! A declutter workbook and Bible Study.

The Christians I worked with had a common thread.  The evidence their clutter was ultimately affecting their intimacy with God, peace of mind and their relationships. 


Discover what's been missing from your other attempts at getting organized

  • Living in a clutter-free home, feeling a renewed sense of peace and joy as you invite God's presence into every corner
  • Experiencing the freedom of an organized space, allowing you to focus on the things that truly matter
  • The joy of inviting loved ones into your home with pride and confidence, knowing that your space reflects the light of Christ
  • Conquering clutter with grace and determination, leaning on God's strength to deal with the roots why you hold on to things, so you know how to keep it from coming back.
  • Reclaiming your time and energy for what truly matters: deepening your connection with God and your loved ones

Bring God's Order into Every Area of Your Life

with a Certified Professional Organizer using discernment, understanding and experience   guiding you.


STEP 1: Schedule a free clutter consultation.
Let's figure out where to start.


STEP 2: Create a Plan.
As your guide, I work with you to declutter and organize your space. 


STEP 3: Live a clutter-free life.
Transform your home and life to one your love. 


"Get Organized God's Way" Virtual Organizing Sessions are a one of a kind experience. Nothing like it exists. As a Christian, decluttering and organizing will feel natural and easier.

You truly can’t learn these strategies, tips and tools anywhere else because the inspiration and revelations to bring Christ into the world of organizing is something that unfolded over 20 years of working as a Certified Professional Organizer with clients in varying stages of clutter and disorganization.

With inspiration from God, I’ve transfromed traditional organizing with a Christ-centered approach to organizing and created an easy to follow process that turns living an organized life into a total blessing.

What makes Get Organized God's Way Virtual Organizing Sessions unlike any other investment you will make is my commitment to YOUR transformation and that of your home. Each week you have the opportunity to get feedback from me personally, tailoring the sessions to the areas you’re stuck.

Clients tell me over and over that the prayers, hand holding, and practical solutions that you support you week to week are what makes this a great experience that changes their lives.

What's Included…

  • A FREE Bible Study/Workbook Organize His Way - A Christ-Centered Approach To Organizing Your Life
  • A FREE discovery phone call to make sure this process is a good fit, so you don’t waste time and money on a process that’s not going to work for you
  • Weekly 1-hour virtual organizing sessions giving us enough time to be declutter and be productive while not overwhelming you mentally and physically
  • Step-by-step expertise from a Certified Professional Organizer so you have guidance and don't feel overwhelmed
  • Product recommendations that fit your lifestyle, décor and needs so you don't waste time and money on storage that doesn't work for you.
  • Email support in between sessions that keep you accountable so you continue to make progress toward your functional, inspiring, and calm living space.

Set up a FREE, 20-minute declutter consultation call HERE

What To Expect When Working With Eileen

  • Our sessions last an hour and we meet once a week 
  • An initial consultation via FaceTime or Zoom to discuss your organizing challenges and goals.
  • We will tour your home or office online video/webcam to discuss and see first hand your challenges
  • A customized step-by-step plan of action to organize your space after each session and the goals to accomplish during the week.

Ready to sign up and secure one of our few appointment slots, click HERE.

What Clients Say About Working With Eileen

"I have never met Eileen, but she is a woman who has had such a profound effect on my family, and our quality time together. In just four 'virtual' sessions, we have attacked the kitchen, uncovering a kitchen table that hadn't been seen in months. It has brought my family together for meals, conversation and precious time we had let slip by."

As I am learning why it is important to be organized, I have grown closer to my God and my family!   I now understand what true treasures are and the importance of storing up treasures in heaven!  That has truly helped me define the priorities in my life.  I wanted to know God’s daily purpose for me, and I couldn’t do that with all the “stuff” and distractions that were in and around me.

Since this revelation, I started making the necessary changes I needed to make: in my thinking and how I spent my time and energy.  I started to make the changes in my home, by taking baby steps, I managed to donate tons of things I no longer needed or wanted, to someone who did.  This is still work in progress.


Are you ready to get organized?

Eileen virtually walks you through the entire process of decluttering, purging, and creating organizational systems in order to achieve peace in your life.