Organize His Way

A Christ-Centered Approach to Organizing Your Life

Eileen Koff presents

“Is clutter really a faith issue”? If we believe that God desires intimacy in our daily life, then how does that translate to the clutter that sits on our tables, countertops, and storage spaces?

Is there anything in the Bible that tells us how to finally – once and for all – deal with our internal and external clutter? Anyone who has tried to "get organized" knows it can be tough. But why do some attempts succeed and others fail? Today's self-help books on organizing aren't enough to reach the millions who are desperate to understand how to get their clutter under control; the Christian community is no different.

Organize His Way

The Best Way I Have Found To Get Organized

Organize ... His Way is the only "How To" book that has been written that makes one read, write, pray and read again. It makes one want to be organized because you finally understand why living among all the piles and boxes and " I will get to that tomorrow", is exhausting. God wants us to be refreshed so we can be closer to Him. I am still working on my clutter. Everyone has too much.

Eileen starts with the heart and mind.

As I look around at all my possessions, there are things that I have not used in some time and now I have learned to give them away to bless someone else. This has restored my heart in a fresh way and has drawn my relationship closer to God. He said that we would have a new heart and spirit as we become a new creation. It's not talking about Jesus, it's about reflecting Him.

This class has contributed to my own deeper walk with the Lord and has been an absolute blessing.
~Katherine Hanson

No Longer Doing It My Way!

I’ve tried over and over to organize “my way” and even hired a professional organizer. Each time my efforts have fallen flat. The clutter eventually returned! Why? This book answers that. For every organizing issue I need to cover, there is a solution in this book from His point of view; His ways/thoughts are higher, and just so much more creative than mine! This place is still a work in progress, but it’s surely not what it used to be!!! I’m still learning that the end result of organizing is not what matters most. It’s the process of transferring from unorganized to organization by renewed thinking. As I change my thinking and apply the book’s principles, I get different (better) results. Sometimes I have to reread to understand. But the more I understand, the more I’m motivated. That means more results (and I’m excited because I’m seeing results)! Little by little, the clutter is disappearing, and I’m making a way for His still small voice to be heard. Yep, that’s one of the many benefits of being organized His way.

~NC Family

Clear connections to scripture and Christian literature.

I absolutely love this book. Before I read this I considered myself a very organized person. Now. I have to say that it truly transformed my life. What a powerful tool for anyone who needs to put order in their life. Eileen takes you step by step and gives you amazing insight into God's way of seeing things. Isaiah 55 speaks of how are thought are not God's thoughts, neither are our ways. I strongly suggest you take the time to read this book so you can live out your full potential.
~Belinda Menna

Organize His Way is a beautiful book with a beautiful message.

Even though I have been in the organizing business myself for over 3 decades, I use this book as a resource for my Certified Productive Environment Specialist training program. Eileen Koff's insight into the spiritual connection to disorganization is invaluable.

In her early days as a certified professional organizer, Eileen quickly understood that to make a difference in lives of her clients, she had to unveil the disorganizing lies that kept them in disarray. Shedding God’s word into each session, like lighting a darkened room, allowed her clients to see the root causes for the clutter. This book will dispel the myths, lies and false beliefs that keep people in bondage to their possessions, and outline realistic expectations on how to maintain the work in process. Eileen believes strongly that our thought processes dictate our actions, but it is our belief systems that hold the roots to our thoughts. Unveiling those beliefs, founded on God’s word, is the cornerstone of this book.

Writing in a supportive, non-judgmental tone, Eileen uses real-life stories and scriptures to enhance your learning and questions to help you seek out the reason behind the clutter. Already, Organize...His Way has changed the lives of hundreds of clients and readers seeking Eileen’s help and inspiration. ReadingOrganize…His Way will change your life too!