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Companion Teachers Guide to “Organize His Way”

“Is clutter really a faith issue”? If we believe that God desires intimacy in our daily life, then how does that translate to the clutter that sits on our tables, countertops, and storage spaces?

Is there anything in the Bible that tells us how to finally – once and for all – deal with our internal and external clutter? Anyone who has tried to “get organized” knows it can be tough. But why do some attempts succeed and others fail? Today’s self-help books on organizing aren’t enough to reach the millions who are desperate to understand how to get their clutter under control; the Christian community is no different.

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I am really excited that I can use the teacher’s manual to bring Eileen’s message to my own parish

I was raised in a devout Christian home and trained from an early age that “there is a place for everything and everything in its place.” But as an adult, that wasn’t always so simple. When I was young, it was only keeping my room clean. As I got a little older, it included keeping my homework organized, but suddenly, I had a whole house, bills, a job, a husband, a baby, pets… a real juggling act.

t was then that I realized what a strong foundation my parents gave me, and I actually enjoyed making my home as organized as it could be. After getting numerous compliments from friends and neighbours I began helping them with their home, and eventually opened my own business, Sandcastles Home Organizing. I had written a book on the woman in Proverbs 31, entitled The Proverbs Principle, and I used her to model myself after.

But it seemed that something was missing. How could i reconcile organizing with this inner need I felt to make what I did useful to God? I rationalized that by creating organization in people’s homes I was enabling them to live better, but that still left me hungry for a deeper meaning. Quite by accident I discovered Faithful Organizers on the internet and I joined. I was impressed by how many other women like me were trying to combine organized living with living for God.

When I saw the FB notice that Eileen Koff was planning the webinar Organize His Way, I knew it was the answer to filling that God-shaped vacuum. I didn’t say too much during the sessions, but I was soaking it all in. I can’t tell you how good it felt week after week to hear Eileen put into words what my heart had been trying to say.

I am really excited that I can use the teacher’s manual to bring Eileen’s message to my own parish, and to other churches in my area! Thank you, Eileen!!!

Shari Grenier