Not Long Ago I Had the Privilege Of Conducting Church In My Local Meat Store

The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever. 
The decrees of the LORD are firm, and all of them are righteous.

They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; 
they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb.
-Psalm 19:9-10 (NIV)

Not long ago I had the privilege conducting church in my local meat store. Missing were songs, sermons and offerings. What transpired was a renewed meaning of life. After all, isn’t that what church is all about? Have you ever witnessed the perplexed look on a face that says ”Wow…I never looked or comprehended that particular issue, this gives me something to really think about. ”

My meat store sermon: (true story)

Vinney: “Hey Eileen…(he knows that I am a Christian) …what is your value?”

Eileen: “Not sure what you mean Vinney.”

Vinney: “Well, when you are on a job, what do you charge? I mean, don’t you charge what you think you are worth?”

Eileen: “Absolutely, Vinney, I have a set price that I always charge my clients.”

Vinney: “Well, don’t most people charge what they think they can get? Isn’t that what we all do?”

Eileen: “Actually no, Vinney. If I go into a home that is obviously more upscale than the home across town, I still charge the same rate. Regardless if the pockets are deeper.”

Vinney: “I’m not sure most people would conduct their business that way.”

Eileen: “Well Vinney when you charge me a price of meat per pound, do you charge me a set price or do you change your prices according to how a person is dressed”?

Vinney: “Well no, but most people would if they got the chance.”

Eileen: “I guess it all comes down to who you are serving. Every job that I am led to I know is because God has led me there. I’m not working for myself any longer, but for my Lord. I’m not charging to get ahead in my business, I’m charging because I have a service to give, not only to my client, but to my Lord, first and foremost”.

Now, by this time I had two other people standing on either side of me, trying not to listen…

Vinney: “YOU have just pierced my heart.”

Eileen: “Vinney, I don’t say these things because I am better than anyone, and I certainly didn’t say these things because I want you to feel bad or that I’m more spiritually superior to you, heaven forbid no…there is no judgment here. You asked me what I am worth!

According to my Jesus, His word is more precious than silver or gold. God says that because I am His daughter, I am more precious than all the gold and silver on earth. I am His princess because he is the King of the universe. No monetary wage can compare my worth”.

At the end of this conversation, the bill was paid and I left 6 inches off the ground.

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