Her Jimmy Choo Shoes And The Hidden Hunger For Significance

Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to His disciples, saying: “The scribes and the Pharisees have seated themselves in the chair of Moses; therefore all that they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds; for they say things and do not do them. They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are unwilling to move them with so much as a finger.

But they do all their deeds to be noticed by men; for they broaden their phylacteries and lengthen the tassels of their garments. They love the place of honor at banquets and the chief seats in the synagogues, and respectful greetings in the market places, and being called Rabbi by men
-Matthew 23:1-7

My recent client couldn’t wait for me to witness her closet. Her wardrobe was the main focus of our organizing session for the day; you could tell she was delighted that this was where she would be spending our time together. Upon entering her closet, I couldn’t help but noticing many designer shoes (some never worn) and many designer labels on her dresses and accessories. She seemed almost intoxicated by the fact that the closet reflected an aura of status few could rival.

Jesus was very clear in his admonishment to the Pharisees in Matthew 23. Their status was reflective in their garments to indicate their spiritual superiority, and they sought to increase that superiority by the design and placement of the phylacteries and tassels. It was of upmost importance that they projected a superior ‘Rabbi” attitude insuring that they would gain respect and obtain all the very best places of honor. Their aim was to be noticed and revered.

Jimmy Choo shoes say much the same; at least they spoke to my client that way. Her hunger for significance is an inherent drive that desires recognition and relational significance. Her attempt to find that significance through material possessions is common within our industry. We not only see it played out in material goods, but in careers, vacation destinations and friendships. As organizers we see the twisted intent, of a world searching for significance without the Lord. We can at times feel a heavy burden for our clients and shoulder an unhealthy emotional weight. We can counter this weight by becoming burden lifters by offering our prayers for our clients. I have learned to never underestimate the power of prayer as the first line of defense against this search for significance. I have seen the direct outcome my prayers have on my client’s mindsets as we organize this most intimate room in the home, and I am constantly amazed that God would use me in such a way. Professional Organizers are reflectors into the lives and conditions of our client’s lives. Like a mirror, we reflect back to our clients (in an unbiased but respectful way) the conditions of their space. This allows our clients to see the truth, not what they imagined their space to be. My prayer is as you begin to spring clean your home and life, your significance will be revealed, not by the world’s standard, but by our Lord Jesus.

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