Lead a Life-Changing Bible Study
That Transforms Hearts and Homes

Imagine a place where women come together not just to declutter their homes, but to clear the clutter from their hearts and minds. Picture a group that supports each other in creating a peaceful, organized life guided by faith. This is the transformative experience you can offer with the “Get Organized God’s Way” Leader’s Guide.

Find Peace and Purpose Through Organized Living

Are you looking to deepen your connection with God while helping others do the same? Written by a Certified Professional Organizer, The “Get Organized God’s Way” (GOGW) Leaders guide equips you to help your group grow spiritually while you all declutter and organize your lives.

Create Lasting Change in Your Life and Community

I remember giving a talk at church about the struggles of clutter. I asked the audience, “How many of you feel overwhelmed by clutter that affects your everyday life?” To my surprise, more than 1/2 of the hands went up.

We can look put together on the outside but be silent struggling with chaos in our lives.


Clutter and disorganization can reach into every area of our lives, affecting our relationships, our mental well-being, and even distracting us from fulfilling our God-given purpose.

It can suffocate our relationships, create stress and anxiety, and keep us from hearing God’s voice and experiencing His peace.

Introducing a new approach to getting organized – invite God in to the process so he can get to the root of the disorganization and change you from the inside out

women's bible study group holding hands in prayer

Create Lasting Change in Your Life and Community

Get Organized Leadership edition

Experience the Blessings of Leading This Study

Using the “Get Organized God’s Way” Leader’s Guide, you can offer more than just a Bible study. you can provide a transformative experience that benefits everyone involved emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

This guide will help you:

  • Feel confident and equipped with step-by-step instructions and comprehensive resources.
  • Have the tools and structure to effectively lead and manage the group.
  • Confidently guide discussions and activities with detailed instructions and support.
  • Rely on practical tips and strategies for organizing sessions smoothly.
  • Gain personal fulfillment from watching your group members thrive and grow.

Be the vessel God uses to help equip them with the tools to let go of the clutter and enjoy the peace and calm of living an organized life. Deepen their relationship with God through meaningful study and prayer, all while you

Declutter and organize your homes in the process!

Ready to Transform Lives? Start Here!

Are you ready to lead a journey of transformation? The “Get Organized God’s Way” Leader’s Guide is your key to inspiring and guiding a group of women toward a more organized and spiritually enriched life. Click below to get started and bring order and peace into your life and the lives of those you lead.