Dear Ministry Leader

As a certified professional organizer, I would like to introduce the Bible study/workbook, Organize His Way - A Christ-Centered Approach to Organizing Your Life to you and your church family. The Bible study’s objective is to help others learn how to shed unnecessary belongings and misplaced priorities, and in doing so, make room for the abundance of blessings only God can provide.

God clearly presents a blueprint in the Bible that is contrary to our current lifestyle. Our worldly philosophy, that we have unknowingly adopted, has entrapped us and we are living contrary to the simplicity that is in Christ.

There are a million reasons why people can’t seem to deal with the overload in their lives. That overload can be stuff, activities, or the mental perception of time. My clients have expressed that “cluttered brains equal cluttered rooms.” With the abundance of organizing books out there, I’m always left wondering why anyone would have a hard time figuring out how to get organized.

However, after being in the profession for almost two decades, I have come to the conclusion that what we believe dictates what we do. Our beliefs either help us move towards the life we want or keep us stuck in the chaos we have created. Does God have anything to say in this regard? Is there anything in the Bible that tells us how to finally—once and for all—deal with our internal and external clutter? The Word of God is the basis of each chapter in Organize His Way. His Word teaches us how to deal with our clutter and find a peaceful place where we can nurture intimacy with God.

The attached “Speaker Introductory Packet” highlights what Eileen Koff Ministries can offer. Organize His Way brings a unique experience unlike any other Bible study. I am available to speak to your church family for an event, breakfast or retreat. I can also teach or train a church member to lead Organize His Way. I am now scheduling my 2017 events. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss my availability and fees.

May our Lord richly bless you as He leads you into all Truth!

Blessings ~ not stuff,
Eileen Koff, CPO

Interested In The Workshop

If you are interested in inviting Eileen to present to your ministry, please contact her today.