Declutter Your Life, Deepen Your Faith

Bring God’s order into every area of your life with our unique, faith-centered approach to organization. Start your transformation today with ‘Get Organized God’s Way’.”

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Peaceful Living

Inviting God into your decluttering journey transforms your home into a peaceful sanctuary, reflecting your deepening relationship with Him.

Life Transformation

Addressing the root causes of clutter and inviting God into the process brings transformative changes to your space, your relationships, and every area of your life.

Deepened Faith

Embracing clutter-free living nurtures your relationship with God, allowing you to hear His voice more clearly and live a life of purpose.

Imagine a life where clutter doesn’t control your space or your time, where each room in your home is a testament to tranquility and order. 

You deserve a home that’s a haven, a life that’s less stressed, and a deeper connection with God amidst the calm and order.

Are You Struggling to Achieve a Clutter-Free, Organized Life?

  • You’re overwhelmed by clutter and don’t know where to start or how to maintain an organized space.
  • You’ve tried to declutter on your own, but the chaos always seems to creep back in.
  • You’re constantly stressed and anxious due to the disorganization in your home and life.
  • Your disorganization is affecting your relationships and hindering your spiritual growth.
  • You feel guilty and embarrassed about the state of your home and are hesitant to ask for help.
  • You’re struggling to find time for what truly matters – your faith, your family, and yourself.
  • You’re longing for a peaceful, orderly home that reflects your faith and values, but don’t know how to achieve it.

We have a different approach to getting organized!

Integrating God into your organizing journey

Applying Bible-based strategies for decluttering your life

Decluttering spaces, renewing minds and deepening relationships







Guiding you through decluttering and organizing, our goal is to help you create a peaceful, orderly life. Let’s invite God’s peace and order into every area of your life and start this transformative journey together.

We got you. We’ve created the resources you need to
help you thrive in your business and your life


Not your ordinary Professional Organizer!

Hello, I’m Eileen Koff. For over two decades, I’ve been helping individuals transform their lives by decluttering their physical spaces and addressing the deeper issues that often contribute to clutter. As a Certified Professional Organizer and a Christian, I’ve developed a unique approach that brings God into the organizing process.

But what does this mean for you? It means you’re not alone in your struggle with clutter. I’ve been there, raising three boys while maintaining a home and a career. I understand the challenges you face and the impact clutter can have on your relationships, mental health, and connection with God.

With my guidance, you’ll learn to invite God into your decluttering process, addressing the root causes of your clutter, and implementing practical strategies to maintain an organized life. Together, we’ll transform your space and your life, bringing you closer to God and the peaceful, orderly life He desires for you.

Next Steps



Recognize your clutter and its impact.


Invite God

Use Get Organized God’s Way Bible Study & Declutter Workbook as your guide


Take Action

Implement the strategies provided in the book



Maintain your progress with small, consistent steps.

At Eileen Koff Ministries, we know that you want to be a woman of order, living a life that truly reflects your faith. To do that, you need to declutter not just your physical spaces, but also the unseen factors that can impact your relationship with God and your overall quality of life. 

The problem is the chaos and stress that clutter brings, which can make you feel overwhelmed and distant from God. 

We believe that no one should feel trapped in this cycle of disorganization. We understand the struggles of maintaining an organized life amidst the demands of daily responsibilities. That’s why we offer a unique, Christ-centered – approach to organizing.

Available where Christian books are sold!