6 Powerful Steps To Declutter And Be At Peace In Your Home

Do you feel overwhelmed with clutter and chaos in your home? Do you long for a sense of peace and order in your surroundings? As a Certified Professional Organizer for Christian women, I understand the frustration and stress that can come from disorganization. And 2020 pushed us into overdrive! It was a pivotal year for

Organizing Is Not About Perfection Its About Relationships

Why Getting Organized Has Nothing to Do With a Perfect Home

I want to take the pressure off of you when you think about decluttering and organizing. If you have this idealistic vision of having a home that looks perfect…straight from the pages of Martha Stewart magazine. you won’t find that here. Why? Because God does not look for perfection. And it not what being organized

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Wellness in The Home: How Clutter Makes You Sick

It is safe to say that most people understand that “junk” food is aptly named.  So let’s think for just a few minutes about how this correlates with the “junk” or “clutter” in our homes. When clutter overtakes an area in our homes, it often leads to an unhealthy physical atmosphere which spills over and

Breathing Room

Breathing Room

The following guest blog was contributed by Kimberly Bignon of ORGANIZE U “He is wooing you from the jaws of distress to a spacious place free from restriction, to the comfort of your table laden with choice food.” -Job 36:16 We live in a world full of clutter. We fill our homes with stuff;