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Organize His Way

Is there anything in the Bible that tells us how to finally – once and for all – deal with our internal and external clutter? Anyone who has tried to "get organized" knows it can be tough. But why do some attempts succeed and others fail? Today's self-help books on organizing aren't enough to reach the millions who are desperate to understand how to get their clutter under control; the Christian community is no different.

organize his way teacher

Companion Teachers Guide to “Organize His Way” A Christ-Centered Approach to Organizing Your Life

Is clutter really a faith issue? If we believe that God desires intimacy in our daily life, then how does that translate to the clutter that sits on our tables, countertops, and storage spaces?

all things new

All Things New teaches you how God uses the caterpillar butterfly metamorphosis illustration in our daily Christian walk.

It’s about you (and your thoughts) being transformed, so you’re no longer trudging through life munching on leaves like a caterpillar.