Transform Your Home With a Christan Professional Organizer

If you’re considering hiring a Professional Organizer this video is for you. I’ve invited another Professional Organizer, someone who also invites Christ into the decluttering and organizing process. She shares the same Godly principles and approach we do in Get Organized God’s Way. In my latest chat with fellow Professional Organizer, Jill Richardson, of Organized

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God-Centered Steps to Decluttering

Declutter Your Life and Let Your Light Shine

Life can get so busy, right? Amidst all the chaos, it’s easy to forget the spiritual path we’re on. But there’s a way to bring back that inner glow, that divine shine God has bestowed upon each of us. Let’s dive into what it really means to let your light shine and how decluttering plays

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Inviting God into Your Clutter: A Journey to Transformation

In case you’re new around here, I am Eileen Koff, a Certified Professional Organizer. For over two decades, I’ve been blessed to guide countless men and women on their journey to declutter, organize, and simplify their lives. As a Christian, I begin seeing the link between clutter and disorganization and, your peace, your relationships and

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6 Powerful Steps To Declutter And Be At Peace In Your Home

Do you feel overwhelmed with clutter and chaos in your home? Do you long for a sense of peace and order in your surroundings? As a Certified Professional Organizer for Christian women, I understand the frustration and stress that can come from disorganization. And 2020 pushed us into overdrive! It was a pivotal year for

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The Christian Woman’s Blessing For Peace In Your Home

It was a holy night, but we can imagine the first CHRISTmas must have been in a very disorganized space. Sharing a stable with a bunch of animals, shepherds passing through, wise men stopping by, an angel with a message and let’s not forget about the birth! You get the picture. While we may never

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Time Clutter – Building In To Hear From God, Slow Down

Time Management for Christians looks different. Last week, we shared 5 Time Management Tips for a Productive Life and how acknowledging God gets you tuned in to where your priorities lie. Having a productive, satisfying life is an inside job. Our society today is so into microwaving that we have forgotten that God is into

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5 Time Management Tips for a Productive Life

As we talked about in last week’s week’s blog post, Time Management, God’s Way, it’s not about managing your time; it’s about managing your priorities. I marvel at how much more is accomplished when priorities are set with God in charge. The following are a few tried and true time management tips to help your

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Time Management – God’s Way

Does the way you manage your time reflect what’s important to you? In light of the sudden death of Kobe Bryant back in 2020, many of us were thinking how short life can be. His priority was his family, which is the reason he was on that helicopter. Instead of sitting in traffic on the

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How a 9-11 Widow Got Organized and Learned To Live Again

The Power of Stuff: How a 9/11 Widow Was Able To Heal and Rebuild Her Life

One of the many defining moments as an organizer came when I was called to help a 9/11 widow take care of her husband’s effects in the home. Dealing with the raw emotions was, shall I say, incredibly difficult. But with great care, I thought we could maneuver enough of his stuff to allow her

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Organizing Is Not About Perfection Its About Relationships

Why Getting Organized Has Nothing to Do With a Perfect Home

I want to take the pressure off of you when you think about decluttering and organizing. If you have this idealistic vision of having a home that looks perfect…straight from the pages of Martha Stewart magazine. you won’t find that here. Why? Because God does not look for perfection. And it not what being organized

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Seeking God's Order For Your Life

The “Why” Behind Your Clutter: Seeking God’s Order For Your Life – Part 1

Have you ever stopped to look at the revolving door of clutter and wondered why?  The “Why” behind the clutter? Why you’re attached to certain things? Why can’t you bring yourself to throw things away? Why won’t you stay organized? Why is it so difficult to control? There is no shortage of how to declutter

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6 Tips For A Less Chaotic, More Meaningful Christmas Season

As Christians, we know Jesus is the reason for the season.   The Christmas season comes with all the trappings, some good, but most are nerve-racking. Seems like each year the joy of the holidays seems to be overshadowed by the rush-rush and “have-to do” out of tradition and guilt. Let’s keep the Christ in

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