All Things New

Transform Your Life From Chaos to Calm

Eileen Koff presents

Are you a caterpillar, crawling along the ground, trapped under the weight of endless clutter?

Do you yearn to emerge as a butterfly – free to soar, unencumbered from disorder and confusion?

The way you think, your lifestyle of excess. Is it satisfying, positive, and peaceful?

Are you. . .

  • Tired of looking at the boxes piled high from QVC or Home Shopping Network?
  • Can't prepare a meal without having things fall out of the pantry?
    So much junk on the dinner table, you can't even sit down to a proper meal?
  • Too embarrassed to have company over because there's nowhere for them to sit?

That isn't the life God intended for you and I'm sure it's not the life you want to live.

Imagine ...

  • coming home from grocery shopping or a long day at the office,
  • opening the front door, and stepping into an entryway clear of clutter.
  • preparing healthy meals because everything is in its place?
    Enjoying a meal with family or friends around the dinner table
  • hosting the holiday dinner as family and friends relax in your clutter-free home

All Things New teaches you how God uses the caterpillar butterfly metamorphoses illustration in our daily Christian walk.
It's about you (and your thoughts) being transformed, so you're no longer trudging through life munching on leaves like a caterpillar. We want you to live an organized life, enjoying better relationships so you can soar high on newly sprouted wings like a beautiful butterfly.

Is your old way of doing things not working? Are you looking for a new life? A new way to do things? Get your copy of All Things New and end the clutter game today.

all things new

I read "All Things New" this morning while sitting in my car at the ocean (my favorite place to meet God and to ponder His creation and His will for me). It was wonderful. It gives me hope, which I am short of...

My favorite part was that the Holy Spirit desires a continual relationship with me. I'm going to write that on a positive affirmation card.