The Christian Woman’s Blessing For Peace In Your Home

It was a holy night, but we can imagine the first CHRISTmas must have been in a very disorganized space.

Sharing a stable with a bunch of animals, shepherds passing through, wise men stopping by, an angel with a message and let’s not forget about the birth!

You get the picture.

While we may never know the true condition of Christ’s birth, I can assure you it was perfect for HIM!

No home or room is ever going to be perfect in the sense of organization. Something will always need to be done.

The awesome thing is that God will still be present!

As we celebrate His birth, I would like to leave you with this blessing…

May His purpose for your life continue to unveil as you seek Him in a space that is inviting and filled with His peace.
May His PEACE, the Shalom of God, be with you this season and for the new year.
May your space be welcoming to others.
May it fill you with great joy knowing that even if it’s not perfect…its perfectly suited for you.

Giving all glory to God…

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year


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