5 Time Management Tips for a Productive Life

As we talked about in last week’s week’s blog post, Time Management, God’s Way, it’s not about managing your time; it’s about managing your priorities. I marvel at how much more is accomplished when priorities are set with God in charge.

The following are a few tried and true time management tips to help your days and life become more productive and life fulfilling.

Before the day even begins, acknowledge your Father in heaven. It’s imperative, so your focus is on the priorities that reflect the most important things in your life.

1. Set a timer

Set a timer: Whether it is an alarm clock, cell phone, computer, or timer, set it at least 30 minutes before when you need to leave. Too often fall prey to distractions or the “it will just take a few more minutes” syndrome, which ends with us being late.

2. Write down your to-do or appointment list the night before:

Please write down your to-do or appointment list the night before: We are more likely to follow through when we write things down and even more so when we do it in advance. This simple action submits our “to-dos” to our subconscious memory. This is also my prayer time at the end of the day to review and seek the next day’s actions.

3. Set up reminders

Find a great app for your computer or cell phone that will ring to help remind you of your daily tasks and keep you on schedule.

4. Give up the cape

Chances are, you are not a superhero. Learn the art of saying “NO.” Concentrate on what is important in your life now. Begin to let go of activities and people that drain your energies and mental happiness.

5. Share your new time management goals with your friends, family and co-workers

Accountability is a strong motivator; if you know people are watching and will be there for you, that extra little push may make all the difference. Encouragement from those you care about motivates us to accomplish what we would fail to do on our own.

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