Organize Your Home and Life...God's Way

God desires intimacy with us, but how does that translate to the clutter that sits on our tables, countertops, and in our storage spaces?

As a certified professional organizer, Eileen Koff Ministries unveils the disorganizing lies that keep her clients in disarray.  Shedding the light of God’s Word into each situation and space will begin to uncover the root causes of clutter. She wants you to not only succeed in living an organized life but also to live life to your purpose and potential.




About Me

Eileen Koff

A Christian, Author and Certified Professional Organizer (CPO)

A Christian and Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) for over 20 years, I have a first-person perspective on how clutter and chronic disorganization interferes with the Body of Christ.

Whether it’s the clutter that sits in our purses, cars, countertops or storage spaces, the stuff that becomes clutter creates a distance between those closest to you and your relationship with God.

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All Things New

Organize His Way

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“I absolutely love this book. Before I read this I considered myself a very organized person. Now. I have to say that it truly transformed my life. What a powerful tool for anyone who needs to put order in their life. Eileen takes you step by step and gives you amazing insight into God's way of seeing things. Isaiah 55 speaks of how are thought are not God's thoughts, neither are our ways. I strongly suggest you take the time to read this book so you can live out your full potential..“


“Organizing illuminates the effect our possessions have on our life." ... "Clutter actually builds walls of isolation" ... "Stocking up for "just-in-case" days keeps me chained to my past." Just a few of the many pearls of wisdom that I highlighted in my personal copy of Organize His Way. I'm using this workbook for a small group because it is the perfect tool to help people identify the root causes of their disorganization. For anyone on a faith journey, this is an essential workbook to help you simplify and organize your life!“


“I read "All Things New" this morning while sitting in my car at the ocean (my favorite place to meet God and to ponder His creation and His will for me). It was wonderful. It gives me hope, which I am short of. I struggle with depression and anxiety, which is a BIG contributing factor to my clutter, and my clutter contributes to my depression and anxiety. I find myself spending all day, almost every day, in my recliner. My dishes and laundry pile up, and other activities go undone. I don't put things where they belong, mostly leaving them wherever. My clutter leaves me feeling embarrassed and ashamed, reluctant to have anyone see or come into my home. All Things New, my favorite part of All Things New was that the Holy Spirit desires a continual relationship with me. I'm going to write that on a positive affirmation card. Thank you for "All Things New". I have highlighted a lot of it and will reread it often.“