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Caterpillar Lipstick

God’s timing is just amazing! Just this past week I have completed revising a booklet entitled “All Things New”. It’s a compilation of sort vignettes teaching how God uses the caterpillar butterfly metamorphoses illustration in our daily Christian walk.  You’ll find a link on home page. Yesterday, as I read a devotion booklet sent by “The Hope of the World” by Jonathan Cahn, my spirit leaped with joy. I wanted to share this short devotion because it perfectly echoed my thoughts, but said in a unique way. I pray it brings you as much joy as it did to me. I will highlight my own impressions in green as you read.

Caterpillar Lipstick

Imagine a caterpillar that spends its’ life trying to be the prettiest most popular caterpillar around, or truing to be the most successful by gaining money and caterpillar riches? The point of the caterpillar’s existence isn’t to become beautiful, popular or successful as a caterpillar. It’s to die as a caterpillar and be born as a butterfly. So with us. You’re not on this planet to look the prettiest, become the most popular, successful or wealthy. As a professional organizer, I see this example every time I begin organizing many wardrobe closets. It would seem for many, how we dress is to reflect our image of wealth and superiority. I have written a 2014 blog on this entitled  “My recent client couldn't wait for me to witness her closet”.  This whole life is a caterpillar life. You’re here to exchange it for a butterfly’s life; to die to the old life, so that you can live the greater life. That means letting go of this caterpillar life, dying to self, the flesh, to ego, dying to the caterpillar life, giving instead of taking, letting go, decreasing.   In another short vignette, I also explain that the caterpillar does not understand what is about to transform, but that it’s instinct is to spin a stay in its chrysalis for up to 3 weeks in a dark place. The caterpillar undergoes a total transformation, as it turns itself into a soup like substance and lets God do the transforming. The caterpillar just allows God to do what is intended, not willing the transformation, never second-guessing its creator. Don’t lose sight of why you’re here. This is what it’s all about. Don’t get caught up in caterpillar stuff. Look beyond, press beyond, let go of that caterpillar life. Enter the realm of the butterfly so that you can become that beautiful, heavenly creature that God calls you to become in Messiah. It’s your choice…caterpillar lipstick or wings.


Giving God all the glory, on the wings of a butterfly, 

Eileen Koff,CPO