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A Wellness Home

A Wellness HomeIt is safe to say that the vast majority of people understand that “junk” food is aptly named. A diet consisting heavily on fast and processed foods leads to poor health.  We also know this industry laces these items with additive chemicals so that we continually crave these foods. Detoxing is now a multi-million-dollar business.

So let’s think for just a few minutes how this correlates with the “junk” or “clutter” in our homes.  When clutter overtakes an area in our homes, it often leads to an unhealthy physical atmosphere which spills over and negatively affects our family relationships. When clutter abounds, dust builds up because cleaning becomes almost impossible. I have seen bathrooms where there is so much clutter build-up that the shower is unusable, and at the same time, the mold and mildew build-up goes unchecked because it can’t be seen. 

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