Posts from 2016-05-17

Seeking God’s Order for Your Life

Remember 9/11? Before that infamous day I used to spend a lot of time explaining to people what it is that I do, as a certified professional organizer. I would get questions like, what group do I organize, or am I part of some labor union? Needless to say in 2016 I do a lot less explaining. Immediately after 9/11, a deluge of media began to take notice of this industry.  Our society decided that since we could no longer control outside forces, we could at least find comfort in our own environments. TV shows like “Clean Sweep” and “Mission Organization” began educating the public that the world needs professional organizers. Pick up any women’s magazine, and on the front cover “ Get Organized” is sure to attract attention.

Getting organized is multifaceted. Our society understands the need for productivity and goal-oriented tasks to help reach a higher level of productivity and efficiency. With multitasking mania and time tyranny, we are no better off today than we were in 2001 when it comes to obtaining that higher level of organized bliss.

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