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Thanksgiving From the Inside Out

Have you been worrying, about your Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations for far too long?  I know that in the Koff household, I’m the one my family looks to for nothing less than a great meal and meaningful memories. Even with the wealth of organizing knowledge this professional has at her disposal, I still wrestle with pleasing my family and balancing the “I refuse to feel exhausted this year” high wire walk. Whenever I begin to ponder the myriad menu alternatives, I too grapple between preparing food favorites or cooking new ones that I know are healthier; after all, nourishment is important even during the holiday season.  Menu planning, though, is only a small portion of the holiday preparations, as it is also the time of year when many of us organize and deep clean. It’s when we bring out the good stuff, not just the wedding china but also the crystal glasses. (I am always amazed at the amount of dust and grime that crystal glasses collect, even in a short amount of time.)

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