Who is Eileen Koff?

Can an organized life lead to deeper and more intimate relationships? Is clutter a faith issue? And does the Bible address these issues?

As a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO), author and speaker, Eileen Koff has worked first-hand with Christians as they struggle to get their stuff (and by extension, their lives) organized. And along with her clients, Eileen desires a stronger, more fulfilled relationship with Christ. That's why she has devised a program to bring Him into the world of organizing.

With nearly two decades of experience in professional organizing, Eileen's Christ-centered approach is radically unique. As the author of Organize...His Way: A Christ Centered Approach to Organizing Your Life, her concepts illuminate new ideas and strategies for solving organizational dilemmas.

Eileen teaches how clutter not only robs happiness from our homes, but how the chaos undermines the relationships with families and friends as well as with God. In her presentations she stirs audiences to immediate action; motivating listeners to put an end to years of frustration and clutter build-up. With an engaging, interactive style, she packs her presentations with how-to's, humor and inspiration. Audiences leave with a renewed sense of purpose and priorities, and are equipped with the tools and understanding they need to organize what really matters.

Eileen's main objective is to spread the message of Organize...His Way to churches and faith groups across the country. She has devised a six-week Bible study to accompany her book, which enables others to minister on the value of Godly order and the amazing affect it has with ones walk and purpose.

About Eileen

Eileen became a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) in 1998. That same year she founded her professional organizing company "To The Next Level". For nearly a decade, Eileen served as NAPO's Publication Chair, editor of the NAPO News and Communication Project Head for the Education Committee. In 2007 she became a board-certified professional organizer.

Eileen holds a Level II Specialist Certificate with the Institute of Challenging Disorganization. Her long-standing emphasis on eco-friendly solutions for her clients led her to receive the "Best Green Service" award by NAPO-LA in 2013.

Eileen is the Devotion and Prayer Director for Faithful Organizers, and is a columnist for Just Between Us, a Christian women's magazine.

Eileen lives on Long Island with her husband Wayne. Married for over 35 years, they have raised three sons: Ian, Evan and Keenan. She and her husband are co-founders of Peace Island Children's Centre in Uganda, a non- profit that works to provide safe shelter for homeless children.

When not organizing (and speaking on the joys of organizing!), Eileen can be found enjoying cooking, traveling the globe and growing closer day by day to Jesus. 

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The Certified Professional Organizer® credential is the only industry credential endorsed by NAPO.

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